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By Howard Simon

For operating artists and scholars alike, this is often an unmatched treasury of the tools, suggestions, and examples of serious illustrators from the sunrise of printing to the twentieth century. that includes works via Goya, Hogarth, Dürer, Morris, Doré, Beardsley, and others, it serves as a reference in addition to a pleasant looking publication.

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Photo-engraving in color has come a long way. In line engraving, by which is meant the use of a burin on copper unaided by the process of photo-engraving, much new and interesting work is being done. Looking backward, the copper engravings of the Sixteenth Century may be charged with lowering the standard that bookmaking had reached at that time. It had become an extremely popular medium and was vulgarized by hack craftsmen who, literally, worked it to death. The fine engravings of Stephen Gooden and Eric Gill point the way to new uses of the copper plate.

The artist seemed to take great delight in taunting those with whose opinions he differed. He became involved in a controversy with Wilkes, in which he gave the first offense by an oblique attack on Wilkes and his friends in his published print, “The Times”. Wilkes answered by a severe article in the North Briton, and Hogarth retorted by a caricature of the writer. Churchill, the poet, then entered the arena of this ludicrous strife and wrote his Epistle to Hogarth, which the latter answered by a caricature of Churchill, represented as a canonical bear, with a ragged staff and a pot of porter.

This usually resulted in blurring the engraving. When Water Birds was completed, Bewick was fifty years old. He had reached his prime. Although he was to live another twenty-four years, his best work was already behind him. THOMAS BEWICK. Illustrations from Figures of British Land Birds. Wood Engravings THOMAS BEWICK. Illustrations from Figures of British Land Birds THOMAS BEWICK. Two illustrations from General History of Quadrupeds THOMAS BEWICK. ” That statement is true, for although Rowlandson worked and died more than a century ago, his drawings still reproduce the countenances of our cousins across the sea.

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