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Teoría de la comunicación humana

Los autores, miembros del equipo que trabajo diez anos en Palo Alto (California) con Gregory Bateson, estudian aqui los angeles pragmatica de l. a. comunicacion interpersonal. los angeles comunicacion es considerada como una relacion cualitativamente diferente de las propiedades de los individuos que participan en ella. Despues de definir ciertos conceptos generales, los autores presentan las caracteristicas basicas de los angeles comunicacion humana e ilustran sus manifestaciones y sus posibles perturbaciones.

Freud and Nietzsche

A few of the prime Freudian analysts, together with within the early days, Jung, Adler, Reich and Rank, tried to hyperlink the writings of Nietzsche with the medical paintings of Freud. yet what was once Nietzsche to Freud--an intuitive anticipation, a precursor, a rival psychologist? Assoun strikes past the seduction of those beautiful analogues to a deeper research of the relation among those figures.

Saber ambiental, sustentabilidad, racionalidad, complejidad, poder

El saber ambiental nace de una nueva ética y una nueva epistemología, donde se funden conocimientos, se proyectan valores y se internalizan saberes. Para aprender a aprender l. a. complejidad ambiental es necesario desaprender de los conocimientos consabidos. El saber ambiental es un cuestionamiento sobre las condiciones ecológicas de los angeles sustentabilidad y las bases sociales de los angeles democracia y l. a. justicia; es una construcción y comunicación de saberes que pone en tela de juicio las estrategias de poder y los efectos de dominación que se generan a través de las formas de detención, apropiación y transmisión de conocimientos.

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God, I’ve got erogenous zones! She met his dark intent gaze and thought, God, I’ve got a problem! Her hand came up to push his away—that had been the intention at least. Instead she somehow ended up with her fingers curled over his and stayed there for an awkward heart-thudding moment. ’ Her eyes dropped from his uncomfortably perceptive gaze a moment before they filled with emotional tears. The earrings were one of a handful of physical reminders she had of her mother, along with her watch and the creased and grainy snapshot of herself as a baby held in her mother’s arms she carried in her wallet.

Lips compressed, she directed her gaze on her hands clenched primly in her lap, thinking, Do not go there, Megan. ‘I just bet you do,’ she snarled, watching her knuckles blench white. She flashed him a look of exasperation. ’ Megan slung him an irritated look. ‘I have a brain and I like to be exclusive. ’ ‘Ouch! So much for sisterly solidarity! ’ His grin flashed and her own smile faded. It would be an exaggeration to call the spiky atmosphere warm, but she was conscious that a worrying element of intimacy had developed.

What? ’ Megan squeezed her eyes shut, but still saw the face that had caused her to haemorrhage the composure that had become her trademark. It was not a face that was easy to banish! She took a deep breath, looking up in guilty acknowledgement towards the young man who had nearly tripped over her when she had come to a dead halt without warning. ’ ‘No problems,’ said the backpacker, losing his air of irritation and producing an engaging smile as he took in her slim figure, gleaming, glossy brown hair and English-rose heart-shaped face.

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