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By Frans H. van Eemeren, Rob Grootendorst

Gurus in argumentation concept current a view of argumentation as a way of resolving alterations of opinion by means of checking out the acceptability of the disputed positions. Their version of a "critical discussion" serves as a theoretical instrument for examining, comparing and generating argumentative discourse. This significant contribution to the learn of argumentation should be of specific price to execs and graduate scholars in speech communique, casual common sense, rhetoric, severe pondering, linguistics, and philosophy.

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Aristotle distinguishes between “extrinsic” persuasive devices, which draw on existing material such as laws or documents, and “intrinsic” persuasive devices, which depend on the inventive skills of the speaker. 6 The speaker 4 5 6 Classical logic deals primarily with deductive syllogisms with categorical propositions. In an inductive syllogism, a general conclusion is drawn from specific cases. The term dialectical originally referred to the use of a specific technique of argumentation in a debate: Start from the opponent’s thesis and derive a contradiction from it, so that the thesis can be refuted.

Each rule is necessary because every violation of any of the rules is a potential threat to the resolution of the difference of opinion, even though there may be considerable differences from one case to another in the degree of seriousness of the violation. ” The code of behavior for conducting a reasonable discussion based on these rules derives its problem validity precisely from the fact that it does not allow any fallacies. The claim that the code of behavior is also valid by intersubjective criteria – and is thus potentially conventionally valid – can, in principle, be made plausible by pointing to the pragmatic and ethical advantages that are connected with observing the code.

What can he do to improve the chances that Mr. Argumentation and his wife, and others like them, will end their differences of opinion in a justified manner? In answering this question, it makes a great difference which philosophical, theoretical, analytical, and empirical approach to argumentation he has come to prefer. Of course, the question he confronts himself with can be answered in different ways, and the nature of the answers depends also on the choices he has made in the other research components.

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