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By Alain de Botton

From the bestselling writer of The artwork of Travel comes a wittily fascinating exploration of the unusual "non-place" that he believes is the inventive heart of our civilization.

Given remarkable entry to at least one of the world's busiest airports as a "writer-in-residence," Alain de Botton came across it to be a exhibit for lots of of the key crosscurrents of the trendy world--from our religion in know-how to our destruction of nature, from our worldwide interconnectedness to our romanticizing of the unique. He met tourists from far and wide and spoke with every body from luggage handlers to pilots to the airport chaplain. Weaving jointly those conversations and his personal observations--of every thing from the poetry of room provider menus to the eerie silence in the course of the runway at midnight--de Botton has produced a unprecedented meditation on a spot that almost all folks by no means decelerate adequate to work out in actual fact. Lavishly illustrated in colour by means of popular photographer Richard Baker, A Week on the Airport unearths the airport in all its turbulence and soullessness and--yes--even beauty.

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