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By Peter J Lewty

In exactly many years of prosperity, among 1886 and 1891, a wave of railroad development broke around the in moderation populated inland undeniable of the Pacific Northwest. Racing to safe strategic routes and resources of site visitors, the railway promoters equipped an intensive and bewildering community of competing traces. carrying on with the saga he began in To the Columbia Gateway: The Oregon Railway and the Northern Pacific, 1879-1884 (WSU Press, 1987), Peter Lewty describes the region's dramatic railroad growth within the years 1885 to 1893. Recreating the present surroundings of optimism and pleasure, he lines the growth of the Northern Pacific and Union Pacific structures within the inside Northwest, chronicles the development of the Pacific extension of the good Northern Railway, and offers a multi-faceted portrait of railway operations at the final frontier of yank payment.

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Board. Adams and Wright each feared that the other's company would secure the balance of power. Villard, moreover, had apparently failed to make clear to Adams that the ticket chosen for the Oregon & Transcontinental election would also be put forward for the OR&N contest. The list included only one wholly committed Union Pacific candidate out of the six proposed. Adams therefore Page 12 became convinced that his company was about to lose effective influence in OR&N affairs. As the Union Pacific depended upon the OR&N property for its only reliable outlet to the West Coast, this was a serious matter.

A month later, however, Henry Villard suddenly reappeared and, brandishing his joint lease proposals, stood directly in the way of any such development. In Portland, news that the railway companies had ratified the joint lease and all its territorial provisions generated vigorous protest. 40 Thus inspired by the press, the Portland Board of Trade launched an energetic campaign to air their grievances against both the Northern Pacific Railroad and Villard's joint lease proposals. Besides exchanging and publishing correspondence with Thomas F.

A separate section of railway, meanwhile, linked Kalama on the lower Columbia River with Tacoma on Puget Sound. By August 1873 Jay Cooke & Co. had committed their entire resources to the Northern Pacific venture and were financially over-extended. In September of that year they failed to meet their obligations and had to declare insolvency, thus precipitating a stock market panic, plunging the nation into a long and severe depression. Before the Northern Pacific Railroad could resume construction, the company had to pay off bondholders with preferred stock.

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