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By Alastair Alexander

The Clyde has performed an immense half in war within the twentieth century. Its most evident contribution used to be because the major resource of transport which used to be provided to the Royal army and the service provider military. a lot of its different tales are much less regularly occurring, now not least the particular clash that happened opposed to German U-boats now not faraway the mainland. Alastair Alexander has dug deep into the battle files, legit collections and the museum information to unearth a desirable tale of naval battle in this nice river and the west coast. beginning in 1914, he is taking the reader during the First global battle and the run as much as the second one global battle with unique appears on the German U-boats that tried to damage the ocean defences and sink British transport. UC-27, UC-75, U-32, U-33 (sunk via HMS Gleaner in February 1940), U-218 are all precise. He additionally record the losses to British transport at the Clyde in the course of either global Wars and provides a whole account of HMS Gleaners function within the U-33 incident. The Enigma interpreting computing device can be recalled and the specified half salvage operation on a sunken German U-boat within the Clyde performed within the position of that impressive device. HMS Hood, RMS Queen Elizabeth and Admiral Karl Donitz additionally function during this hugely illustrated contribution to wartime heritage. The available format, the formerly unpublished photos and the newly printed historic info make this a vital learn for naval historians, scholars and academics alike.

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