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Asynchronous move Mode (ATM) networks are generally thought of to be the recent iteration of excessive pace verbal exchange platforms either for broadband public details highways and for neighborhood and huge zone inner most networks. ATM is designed to combine current and destiny voice, audio, picture and knowledge companies.

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A mobile node should minimize the number of administrative messages. Mobile IP must place no additional constraints on the assignment of IP addresses. indd 13 9/21/07 4:33:34 AM 14 � Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks The Mobile IP can be described with the following steps: � Step 1: Agent discovery � Step 2: Registration home agent � Step 3: Tunneling A mobile node operating away from home registers its new care-of address with its home agent through the exchange of a registration request and registration reply messages.

Ad hoc networks are suited for use in situations where an infrastructure is unavailable or to deploy one is not cost-effective. One of many possible uses of mobile ad hoc networks is in some business environments, where the need for ­collaborative computing might be more important outside the office environment than inside, such as in a business meeting outside the office to brief clients on a given assignment. Work has been going on to introduce the fundamental concepts of game theory and its applications in telecommunications.

The key is a 40-bit secret key and is shared only by all the devices of a WLAN, or is a pairwise secret key shared only by two communicating devices. Bluetooth uses cryptographic security mechanisms implemented in the datalink layer. A key management service provides each device with a set of symmetric cryptographic keys required for the initialization of a secret channel with another device, the execution of an authentication protocol, and the exchange of encrypted data on the secret channel. 11 Secure Routing Malicious nodes can disrupt the correct functioning of a routing protocol by ­ modifying routing information, fabricating false routing information, and ­impersonating other nodes.

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