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By Benjamin Bederson (ed.), Herbert Walther (ed.)

This sequence, verified in 1965, is worried with contemporary advancements within the basic zone of atomic, molecular, and optical physics. the sector is in a kingdom of speedy development, as new experimental and theoretical options are used on many aged and new difficulties. subject matters coated additionally contain similar utilized components, resembling atmospheric technological know-how, astrophysics, floor physics, and laser physics.

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It is easy to see that for tsource= 0, Eq. (34) reduces to Eqs. (31) and (33). - C a w 2- C ;1 0-1 1 0 position / mrn ............ c 2a 4- 5 8 1- 0. 1 I I -1 0 1 d position / rnrn ............. 6. Spatial fringe pattern in the far field of the interferometer. The solid line is a fit to the experimental data (circles). The dashed line shows the independently measured envelope. 0 pm, respectively. 48 Stephan Diirr and Gerhard Rempe pumping. This is because the atomic momentum changes as a result of photon recoils.

Here the light creates the periodic structure, from which the matter wave is reflected. In order to achieve Bragg reflection, the angle 8 under which the atomic beam enters the standing light wave must fulfill the Bragg condition Here, the atomic de Broglie wavelength hm = h / p is determined by the atomic momentum, p; the order of reflection, n, is an integer; and the spatial period of the light intensity equals half a light wavelength, 1 = h/2. The Bragg condition can be rewritten as a condition for the transverse atomic momentum p z = p sin 9 (horizontal in Fig.

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