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Station B, Fletcher's ice island, was a t 83"N, 1OO"W or1 ice 150 ft thick. R. stations, SP6 and SP7 were originally near 79"N, 175"W and the north geographic pole, respectively. Stations A, B, and SP7 were established by early 1957,and station SP6 in late 1956. At the drifting stations, emphasis is placed on glaciology, meteorology, and oceanography, although observations in the other disciplines are also included. Heat budget studies are an integral and important portion of the program, not only for evaluations of the planetary and Arctic heat budget but also for comparison with similar investigation in Antarctica.

B) The atmospheric pressure and temperature distribution with altitude is different from that found a t lower latitudes. (c) Diffusive separation of gases, determined with a mass spectrometer, seems to appear somewhat above 100 km. At the South Pole station the electron concentration of the ionosphere seems to remain high throughout the polar night despite the absence of solar radiation. Radar auroral studies were made on the austral and boreal aurorae simultaneously. Sputnik observations indicated that cosmic ray intensities increased approximately 40 % from 225 km to 700 km.

8. Meteorology. Because of the increase in number of polar ohserving stations, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere, more information will become available on the characteristics and planetary dynamics of the lower atmosphere. Special effort is being devoted to raising the maximum altitude of sounding balloons from 25 km to 30 km, and to increasing the number of aerological sounding stations. Pole-to-pole meridional cross sections will allow charting of air mass and moisture transport. Detailed polar studies, including measurements of solar radiation, and ice and snow reflection coefficients will provide data for hentbalance determination.

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