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In gyro radiation, electrons spiral around lines of magnetic force with a frequency that depends directly on the field strength. Again, to attain intensities higher than that of thermal radiation, the emitting electrons must move together and differently from the electrons of the surrounding medium. Unless the surrounding medium is so low in density that its sbsorption can be ignored, some further special condition-a sharp change in density, strength, or direction of the magnetic field-is necessary in order for this radiation to escape from the solar atmosphere.

And they can often be seen long after other signs of an active region have died out. Their average lifetime usually exceeds that of thr attendant spot group by at lrast threefold. Relatively little is known about faculae other than the brief statements made here. Nevertheless they may well rrpresent one of the more important manifestatioiis of solar activity. 4. ) with birefringent filters or spectroheliographs. Because they are ohservrd in liiirs that are formrd within the rhromosphere, they are a chromospheric phenomenon.

Although thcre is nothing about the plage observations to suggest direct terrestrial influence of any consequence, the strong association between plagcs and other solar phenonzena more difficult to observe, but with direct terrestrial influences, makes plage data extremely valuable as an index of solar acativity. 5. Prominences and Falaments Solar prominences are perhaps the most striking and most varied of the changeable features of the sun, when viewed appropriately. At total eclipse they can he seen in white light as bright clouds imbedded in the corona.

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