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K. DELL genus Rossella being proposed for the second species. antarctica and described further deep sea species from outside the Antarctic. I n spite of the difficulties inherent in work on the systematics of the group, reports on sponges have been produced by almost every Antarctic expedition, and the list of contributions is long indeed, the main authors being: Topsent (1901a, b, 1905, 1907a, b, 1908, 1910, 1912, 1913, 1915, 1916, 1917), Kirkpatrick (1902, 1907a, b, 1908), Jenkin (1908), Lendenfeld (1908), Schulze and Kirkpatrick (1910), Hentschel (1914), Dendy (1918, 1924), Brondsted (1928, 1931), and Tanita (1959).

I n 1947-48 the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition was inaugurated. Little marine biology was achieved by any of these endeavours. ). The year was planned for 1957-68 but planning began in 1952, and special attention was directed towards Antarctic research. Y. with manned stations around the Antarctic Continent was taken up enthusiastically by many nations. Y. bases. Y. expedition was mounted in 1955-56. Y. , Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Norway and Japan. Twelve nations signed the 26 R.

Nuda Topsent, and R. villosa Burton (a course with which Koltun concurs). All four of these species are circumpolar, along with the two other characteristic members of the subfamily Rossellinae, Scolymastra joubini and Anoxyculyx i j i m e Kirkpatrick. Scolymastra joubini reaches a height of 100 cm or more. The group of the Tetractinellida has 19 species in the Antarctic. The most widely distributed and most characteristic of these are: Monosyringa longispina (Lendenfeld), Tetilla leptoderma SoUas, Cinachyra antarcticu Carter, C .

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