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By A.H. Rose (ed.), D.W. Tempest (ed.)

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It appears that, during membrane solubilization by detergents, two antagonistic processes take place simultaneously, namely the activation or unmasking of some enzymic activities and the denaturation and consequent inactivation of the solubilized enzymes. g. , 1970) and may be ascribed t,o the exposure of sterically hindered catalytic sites in the course of membrane solubilization. 3. Fractionation of Membrane Proteins Solubilization of the hydrophobic membrane proteins is only the first step in their characterization.

Composition of Mycoplasrna Mernbrnrios Membranos Acholeplasma laidlawii B Mycoplasma bovigenitalium Mycoplasma mycoides var. capri Mycoplasma mycoides var. 8 Hazin et al. 1 - Pollack et al. (1970) Figures in parentheses represent the percentage of cholesterol in lipid. B. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Mycoplasma membranes resemble other biological membranes in being essentially built of protein and lipid. Unless they are extensively washed with dilute buffer or sodium chloride solution and treated with nucleolytic enzymes, small amounts of RNA and DNA can be detected (Table 3 ) .

1972; S. Rottem, unpublished data) may be either ,degradation products of the polar lipids following the action of endogenous lipases or, what is more likely in the light of their rapid turnover, precursors of the polar lipids (Plackett and Rodwell, 1970). A somewhat unusual lipid was discovered by Smith and Henrikson (1965) in A . laidlawii. Containing glycerol, glucose, fatty acids and phosphate, it was tentatively identified as “phosphatidyl glucose”. , 1970) was, however, found to have different properties, this identification is untenable.

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