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But more importantly, he shows that these people – the unnamed and often forgotten objects of international relations – are not entirely defined by the events we often identify as the sole political reality. Everyday struggles seep into, around and through grand narratives. But these transgressions are only rarely explored and theorised in prevailing scholarly approaches. 104 Visual culture Visual culture, broadly understood, is the second major field of investigation in aesthetic international relations.

89 Unfortunately only published in German, this ambitious book seeks no less than to unravel the links between aesthetics and ethics from ancient Greek philosophy to the present day. Socrates and Plato provide Krippendorff with an initial spark, but it is mostly in Greek tragedy that he finds hope and inspiration. Tragedy has, of course, become a fairly major theme in international relations scholarship. 90 Krippendorff does so directly. He stresses that the theatre’s dialogical nature always contained the possibility of an alternative course of action.

Frank Möller points out why. 115 Music and popular culture Music is one of the sensual experiences that can broaden – and at times challenge – our exclusive reliance on reason and argumentation in the exploration of the political. 116 Music also highlights an issue that permeates much of the aesthetic turn in general: the interaction between so-called high and low art. Although the boundaries between ‘refined’ artistic endeavours and popular culture are inevitably blurred and a matter of judgement, they do have some significant implications – if only with regard to the number of people that the respective activities reach.

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