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By Willard Price

Hal and Roger Hunt are at the path of a vicious man-eating leopard. but also they are being hunted themselves, through a cruel band of killers referred to as the Leopard Society. Can they belief their very own tracker, Joro, regardless of figuring out that he has pledged to steer them to their deaths?

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E. DMs are play them as if they were real creatures). XP Value: 1,500 Hat of Disguise: This normal-appearing chappeau contains a powerful enchantment which allows its wearer to alter his or her appearance as follows: Height: +/- 25% of actual height Weight: +/- 50% of actual weight Sex: Male or female Hair: Any color Eyes: Any color Complexion: Any color Facial Features: Highly mutable Thus, the wearer could appear as a comely woman, a half-orc, or possibly even a gnome. If the hat is removed, the dweomer is instantly dispelled as far as the disguise is concerned.

When the illusion is dispelled, the card becomes blank and cannot be used again. If it is picked up, the illusion is automatically and instantly dispelled. The cards are: JOKER — Illusion of the Deck’s Owner JOKER — Illusion of the Deck’s Owner A — Red Dragon 10 Cloud Giant 10 Fire Giant A — Beholder A — Lich 10 Frost Giant 10 Ettin A — Iron Golem K — Fighter and 4 Guards 9 Hill Giant K — Magic-user and 1 Apprentice 8 Ogre Mage K — Cleric and 2 Underpriests 9 Troll K — Thief and 3 Cohorts 9 Ogre Q — Succubus 8 Bugbear Q — Night Hag 8 Gnoll 8 Hobgoblin Q — Medusa Q — Erinyes 8 Orc 2 Goblin J — Druid J — Assassin 2 Kobold 2 Goblin J — Monk 2 Kobold J — Bard Cards can differ or be missing.

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