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By Mark Wegman

The interval from the Eighteen Nineties to the mid-1950s is mostly thought of the “golden period” of passenger rail trip in America.  It used to be a time of celebrated locomotives and plush passenger carrier, a time while rail know-how observed its maximum advances and railroads turned the nation’s favourite mode of transportation.   those glory years come alive in American Passenger Trains and Locomotives Illustrated, 1889–1971.  For this quantity, writer and illustrator Mark Wegman has researched unique railroad drawings and often times even paint chips to render greater than one hundred sixty profiles, entrance and best perspectives, and inside layouts depicting the steam, diesel, and electrical locomotives, besides passenger autos, of 3 dozen of the nation’s so much celebrated trains of the golden age.  Accompanying the author’s drawings are histories of every educate, interval pictures, postcards, menus, baggage stickers, classic print advertisements, and targeted captions.  The booklet is a lavishly appointed trip again in time to the bygone heyday of passenger-train travel.

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